There’s been a lot of buzz lately surrounding CBD and athletes. That’s because as of January 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) officially removed Cannabidiol (CBD) from it’s prohibited substance list, which not only allows athletes the freedom to use it, but the ability to experience its benefits firsthand.

What’s the WADA list?

According to their website, The World Anti-Doping Agency was founded with the aim of bringing consistency to anti-doping policies and regulations within sport organizations and governments right across the world. WADA publishes a list of substances each year that are prohibited in and out-of competition. As of January 2018 CBD hemp oil is no longer on that list, which means athletes can use it whenever, wherever, and however often they’d like.

Inflammation and pain relief for athletes

Elite and professional athletes are extremely dedicated, hardworking individuals. They go through rigorous training on a daily basis to achieve results for their body that allows them to perform the way they do. Whether it’s winning races, fights, or games, athletes essentially break their bodies down to build them back up. You can imagine the amount of stress that constant training and performance places on an athlete’s body, and how much pain and inflammation they endure on a regular basis between sore muscles, aches, injuries, and strains. One of the many benefits CBD hemp oilclaims to have is its reduction of pain and inflammation, which is exactly why more and more athletes have been using it.

Used by professional athletes

Professional athletes have not been shy about their use of CBD hemp oil. UFC fighter, Nate Diaz openly inhaled CBD hemp oil from his vape while participating in a press conferenceafter one of his fights that left him bruised, scabbed, and swollen. When asked by reporters what the substance was that he was vaping, he told them it was CBD oil that “helps his inflammation,” he tells reporters that he takes it before, during, and after fights as well as during training. He says it “makes your life a better place.”

The USADA issued Diaz a warning following this press conference and sparked immediate attention in the media regarding CBD use among athletes. It certainly caught WADAs attention with the elimination of CBD hemp oil from their prohibited substances list. Other professional athletes who are open users and advocates of CBD oil include NFL legends, Leonard Marshall, Nick Lowery, Ricky Williams, MMA star, Andrew Leone, and more. The popularity of CBD oil among professional athletes, who depend on the health of their bodies to perform, is a testament to the benefits this product can provide.

Healthy alternative to harmful performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs)

WADA’s recent removal of CBD hemp oil from their prohibited substance list, is a testament to not only its safety, but its health benefits. The performance-enhancing drugs that WADA prohibits have harmful effectson an athlete’s overall health. Anabolic agents, the first on WADAs prohibited substance list, are known to cause liver damage, increase aggressiveness, and in some cases of withdrawal, cause depression and inclination to suicide. While these effects vary depending on the individual, they can be permanent and consequently harmful to an athlete’s overall health and quality of life. WADAs removal of CBD from this list offers a safe and healthy alternative to athletes who otherwise may have resorted to harmful PEDs. CBD hemp oil has the capability to change athletes’ lives for the better.