What You Need To Know About The 2018 Hemp Farm Bill

The Decision On The Bill Happens Soon This Is The Perfect Time To Find Out About The 2018 Hemp Farm Bill.

With the potential of the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill passing it’s important to know how it could affect you. For the past five decades, hemp has been shoved into the same category as LSD, cocaine, and ecstasy as an illegal drug that is responsible for addictions that destroy societies.

However, new legislation could mean that it could be legal for farmers who are struggling since the reduction in tobacco. Legalizing hemp farming could mean the development of a billion dollar industry and would be a huge victory for producers of hemp in the US.

It came about when universities and agriculture departments had permission to grow hemp in small quantities for the purpose of research.

The Current Challenges in Hemp Farming

Farmers are hoping that the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill will help them to grow their farms in another way, given the fact that hemp is being used more and more in medicines, textiles, and food. With it being a natural product, there is a lot of scope for farming—once it’s made legal, of course.

There are challenges with legalizing hemp, and there will be some issues to iron out before it truly gets off the ground. Farmers will have to iron out a whole new crop to ensure its viability. They will have to do this by:

  • Establishing a good supply chain. Farmers need to know that they will have buyers at the end of the growth period, otherwise, there’s no money to be made in farming hemp.
  • Technology creation for large-scale cultivation of the plant. In large quantities, the right machines and materials will have to be created to be able to process the hemp legally.
  • The building of markets both at home and abroad. There have to be buyers, and when marijuana and hemp have been criminalized for so long, this could be hard to recover from.

2018 hemp farm bill

What you need to know about the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill

It’s important that potential buyers know that there is a difference between marijuana and hemp. While they both are types of cannabis sativa, they have different biological attributes. Hemp doesn’t have the same properties that can affect the brain in the way that marijuana does. Farmers also will have to understand this, because it’s a new market and important to know that it can help people medicinally in oils rather than help people to get high.

The fact that the Senate is looking to support hemp and its farming is monumental in history and if it does become legalized and off the federal list of controlled substances, hemp would become an agricultural commodity.

The Future of the Hemp Industry

Kentucky farmers could corner the market, giving the wider public a higher production of products containing hemp. As it’s not the same as ‘pot’, it’s not a political liability. Instead, it could be a huge innovation for the farming industry and hemp manufacturing industry. We would have bigger and quicker access to hemp products, but farmers would need to understand the plant.

Current manufacturers are worried that farmers would jump in with dollar signs in their eyes before learning all that there is to learn about the complexities of the crop. As it stands, the infrastructure required to properly process hemp does not yet exist.

There are huge leaps being taken in political history, but it’s not without its bumps in the road. To learn more about hemp oil and the products that come from it, visit our shop, or get in contact with us today.

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