Personal Message from our Founder:

My Story is so intense with many layers that I need a book to share it all, and the good news is I am working on writing that book! I can’t wait to share it with you when it’s ready.

My passion for health and wellness started when my Dad got cancer back in 2009. This came as a shock to our whole family and we didn’t really know what to do about it at the time, so we just raced to the traditional Oncology doctors and they urged him to start chemo and radiation immediately.

According to my Dad’s Oncology doctor, we had no time to research or compare doctors and treatments as he was Stage IV throat and neck cancer with literally no time to spare. We started chemo and radiation, and boy was that just a horrific experience to watch my Dad go through.

During Dad’s treatments, I started getting “angel calls” from a past friend of his who said he heard about Dad’s condition and he wanted to help out as much as he could. This “angel” started educating me on the alternative, natural and holistic options, and ways to detox Dad’s body so it could start to heal itself. So, my important learning began and I became enlightened and enthralled with the information my Dad’s angel friend was sharing with me.

I really dug deep and passionately learned everything I could about holistic alternatives and detoxing. By the time my Dad finished chemo/radiation therapies, I was in-the-know on other options and confident enough to share them with my Dad.

We soon found out that the chemo/radiation treatments didn’t work and actually made the cancer come back with a vengeance!  At that point, my Dad was very sick, got pneumonia, and the cancer grew rapidly again. His physicians wanted to do surgery and cut out his voice box. But my Dad, who was a singer and cherished his voice, said “NO WAY! I would rather die.” He said, “Heather, let’s do these other therapies you learned about”. So it began, with of course a ton of pressure to make sure he got better.

To sum up the amazing transformation, in less than 4 months, my Dad’s tumors were completely gone, he looked healthier than ever, had abundant energy and was really loving life again. We witnessed what detox and natural therapies did for him and so quickly!! I now have more great stories like this as I help others as a Certified Health Coach specializing in Cancer.

The other very important layer to my story is my Mom – it’s her story that really speaks to my passion and mission in life for helping people achieve health and wellness.

Before my Dad got cancer, my Mom was struggling with pain from scoliosis and unfortunately got addicted to opioids. Her struggle went on for over 15 years and right around the time my Dad got  cancer, my Mom’s memory started to show deterioration  –  she was only 50 at the time.

My siblings and I now had two major health issues on our hands. My parents were so good to us and really amazing raising us, we owed it to them to try and help them as best we could.

Soon my Mom’s condition got worse to the point she forgot she had an opioid addiction. As much as that seemed like a blessing, it was the beginning of a horrific brain disease called Dementia – or at least that’s what the Doctors think she had.

The good news was that my Dad’s cancer went into remission after 4 months of naturopathic therapies. His doctors had predicted he had maybe 1 month left to live if he didn’t have that deforming 17-hour surgery.

Seeing my Mom deteriorate before his eyes was not easy on my Dad at all. He decided he didn’t want to live a clean lifestyle anymore and started drinking alcohol and eating bad food again. The cancer returned – lung cancer this time, which eventually took his life 5 years later.

We were left to take care of our Mom and I continued to try and figure out the root cause of her decline. Many doctors say it was the opioid addiction that triggered this dementia and I believe it could very well be the case. She just turned 59 in January, but unfortunately can’t talk, can’t walk, wears diapers, and needs to be spoon-fed pureed food. Hospice has given her only a short time to live.

This beautiful woman didn’t deserve this life outcome, but we were planted on this earth to learn lessons and get something out of it to help others. So, this is what I have done and focused on. I have taken what I have learned through these traumatic and tragic experiences and am helping others in similar situations or helping prevent these situations by health intervention and providing natural resources.

I too inherited scoliosis from my Mom and I choose natural solutions instead of opioids to help with my pain – that was a major lesson that I learned from my Mom. It makes me very happy to hear from people getting relief through natural resources and I’m blessed to be able to share my experience. I’m driven by passion and I’m on a mission to offer amazing, natural health solutions that can help make a difference in this very complicated and stressful world we live in.

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