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The power of premium, full spectrum hemp oil to revive your health.

PhytoLogica is a Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp Extract based product grown in the USA and manufactured in its purest form to achieve the cleanest and highest quality possible. Our products are free from any solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, GMO’s and are vigorously tested by reputable and reliable 3rd party labs. PhytoLogica is “Full Spectrum” which includes multiple naturally occurring plant chemical structures that are called terpenoids, including phytocannabinoids that are specific to the Hemp plant and a class of terpenoid.

Our hemp extract products endure a gentle process to create our unique formulas. The extraction methods maintain the full plant profile ensuring our customers a full spectrum of terpenoids, essential fatty acids, phytocannabinoids and phytonutrients from the natural plant that synergistically work together. Supercritical Co2 extraction combined with cold, enclosed, and continuous manufacturing process prevents degradation of natural molecules during extraction and purification. We have worked very hard to be able to achieve the best quality products available with the most bioavailability to provide to our customers in need of trusted natural health solutions. PhytoLogica is your sought-after solution!

Trusted and used by Doctors, Athletes, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Naturopathic Physicians.

Why PhytoLogica?

What sets us apart from other hemp product companies is our proprietary chromatography purification method as well as our patent-pending water soluble nanotechnology for maximum bioavailability (absorption in your body). Our Supercritical Co2 extraction method combined with our proprietary purification technology allows us to completely remove the psychoactive compound, THC, from the hemp plant without disturbing the other naturally synergistic plant compounds.

Not all hemp products are created equal and PhytoLogica is considered the “cream of the crop” full spectrum hemp oil products that are physician-grade and trusted by healthcare professionals. Learn more about our extraction process and technology on our Science page.

delivered in the most bioavailable forms
We offer PhytoLogica in different forms to ensure that there is enough of our Hemp extract available in systemic distribution or locally to show its desired effects as the terpenoids are highly lipophilic; thus, very poor water solubility. This means that these molecules would have difficulty in getting absorbed into the blood stream, especially if the dietary supplement is taken orally in capsule or tablet form.

Sublingual delivery

Our Sublingual delivery of PhytoLogica provides a method to substantially increase absorption due to high abundance of capillaries below the tongue to enter the bloodstream. Therefore, we make PhytoLogica available in tincture form in 3 different potencies to be able to fulfill dosages based on the customer needs.

ORAL softgel delivery

We are proud to offer patent-pending technology now available as a water soluble microemulsion formulation in soft gel capsules for enhanced blood absorption by 400% more than traditional capsule or softgel form.

Targeted Topical Balm

For local topical effect, PhytoLogica is available in a high potency formulation as a salve balm topical form. You just apply to wherever you need external relief as often as you wish

Physician-Grade, Zero THC, Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract


Proprietary hemp genetics naturally very high in CBD


Organically grown and made in the USA


Patent-pending Water-Soluble Nanotechnology for maximum absorption


Supercriticial Co2 extraction and Proprietary Purification process

CASPER for Observatory Study
(coming soon)