Our Technology

PhytoLogica uses proprietary technology to create our full spectrum hemp softgels, tinctures and balms which are vastly superior to competing hemp products.

Not all hemp is created equally.

PhytoLogica uses a special cultivar of hemp which has been bred to be rich in CBD and other cannabinoids; and with more than 40 terpenes, including beta-caryophyllene, humulene, linalool, pinene and bisabolol. Our unique plant genetics contain 15-18% CBD and less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive ingredient in Hemp), qualifying it as industrial hemp.

High CBD + high terpene + low THC plant genetics = high-quality full spectrum hemp extract.

PhytoLogica’s manufacturing process is unique.

Our proprietary manufacturing process uses chromatography to purify, but retains all of the plant molecules in the hemp oil: cannabinoids, terpenes, lipids and flavonoids. This ensures that our products provide the full entourage effect, believed to be more beneficial than CBD-only products.

Our extraction method uses Supercritical CO2 combined with a continuous cold, enclosed purification process, yet while preserving all the other beneficial molecules of the plant. PhytoLogica products will never contain or use any toxic or artificial additives, solvents, heavy metals, GMO’s, or pesticides – This is our promise to you.

To create PhytoLogica products, the hemp plant is dried and milled into a powdered form, which creates a larger surface area for the compounds. The extraction is then carried out in supercritical CO2 , an extraction method which allows us to separate the compounds with little to no damage or denaturing. This allows for preferential extraction of cannabinoids, waxes, terpenes and most of the impurities.

A liquid extract containing the plant material is then processed through a custom designed filtration system in which almost all the undissolved solids are retained while a clean extract permeates through the filter membrane. This fluid is then converted into an oil form and purified to remove certain undesired waxes. Because the refining process is so selective, the resulting full spectrum hemp oil becomes very enriched, with 70-85% CBD and total terpenes in the 1-4% range.

PhytoLogica SoftGels are water soluble, unlike other hemp softgel products.

Via a patent-pending technological process, PhytoLogica’s Hemp Oil SoftGels  are water soluble. This ability to dissolve in water allows our hemp oil softgels to be absorbed in the bloodstream 4X faster than competing products. And efficient absorption means it goes to work sooner (bioavailability).

Our full spectrum hemp softgels are delivered as a Nano emulsion – very tiny, finely engineered droplets dispersed in an optimized formula. The average size of our hemp oil droplets are 25 nanometers compared with other products’ size of 100-5000 nanometers. PhytoLogica’s smaller droplet size creates a greater surface area, and this is what speeds absorption into the bloodstream.

Full spectrum Phyto Cannabinoid Rich (PCR) hemp oil can be emulsified, dissolved and homogenized more effectively than an isolate product such as those which ONLY contain the CBD molecule. Isolates from the hemp plant are difficult to dissolve in water-containing media during manufacturing or consumption, which creates a risk of inconsistent delivery of the active compound for the user. Although an insufficient dispersion of isolate in a supplement is difficult to observe, experimental evidence points to a better consistency, delivery and bioavailability when a Phyto Cannabinoid Rich hemp oil is used.

Organic certification

PhytoLogica believes in a hemp cultivation process that is compliant with organic farming and handling practices as defined by the standards created in the Organic Food Production Act, USDA Organic regulations and the National Organic Program (NAP). On the farms where PhytoLogica hemp is grown,  the process of obtaining organic certification is underway and completed reviews and certification will hopefully be established sometime in 2023.

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