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Full Spectrum Hemp Treats For Dogs – 30 Soft Chews

Veterinarian Formulated


Our veterinarian formulated hemp dog treats provide a full spectrum of synergistic phytocannabinoids that are naturally present in our organically grown hemp. Our calming hemp treats have natural cheese flavor and contain 5mg of our purest water-soluble PCR hemp extract - each! While the water-solubility helps all the healthy phytocannabinoids get better absorbed, the cheese flavor in our soft chews will make your dog want more and more. Our easy to digest, non-GMO, organic hemp treats are specially formulated to help dogs with their health and wellness needs, working synergistically within to balance their endocannabinoid systems.

All PhytoLogica products are made in a GMP* compliant state of the art facility certified by NSF in the USA.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. FDA has not evaluated this product for safety or efficacy.

*GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

Does your dog get queasy during car rides or plane trips?

You can give your dog hemp treats to help soothe their stomachs and calm their nerves during travel. You can also give your dog a few drops of full spectrum hemp oil before you embark on your journey. Read more about our hemp life hacks for dogs.

Grooming sessions can be easier - for both of you!

Grooming sessions can be stressful for some dogs. You can give your dog hemp treats to help keep tem calm and relaxed druing the process, or you can apply hemp oil topically to your dog’s skin to help soothe any itching or rash caused by grooming.

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