There are numerous well- known benefits of Hemp or Cannabis for human health. What you may not know, is that this holistic plant may be beneficial to your pet as well. The safest cannabinoid for your dog is hemp which is extracted from the hemp plant.

Hemp Extract, known as Cannabidiol is a cannabis or hemp compound that has significant benefits and is completely non-psychoactive. It is a very useful and safe option for people looking for:

  • Immune Support
  • Neuroprotective (Protects the Brain)
  • Hip & Joint Support
  • Sleep Support
  • Appetite Support
  • Calming for Anxiety
  • Inflammation Relief
  • Pain Relief

How to Use Hemp for Dogs

If you decide to give hemp a try for your pet, below are 5 tips you must consider:

1. Start with a low dose

Hemp has many benefits, but dosages can vary depending on the condition and size of your pet. Always follow the dosage directions recommended on the product label. The usual recommended dose is about 1 milligram of hemp extract for every 10 pounds of your pet’s weight. Some pets may require more or even less depending on their condition. The basic rule is to be conservative and observe your dog over a few days to almost a week. You can always increase the dosage according to your need and always best to consult your veterinarian first.

2. Observe your dog

Monitoring your pet is extremely important after you give your pet hemp for the first time. It is also advisable to keep an account of when and how much you are administering for your pet. Also, keep a check on your pet’s behavior and eating habits soon after you start with the hemp doses. The well-being of your pet is more important than anything and you can usually see how they are responding. Check whether the hemp is suiting your dog or not by the way they are acting. If you find any considerable positive change in its health and behavior, you have found the right dose and should continue this same dose daily. If you notice any adverse reactions, you should stop it immediately and consult your veterinarian.  

3. Use Organic Hemp

Always make sure to choose only organically sourced hemp. Just like for humans, pets shouldn’t be consuming any pesticides, molds, heavy metals or toxins either, so organically grown is the only way to go. Hemp grown using insecticides and pesticides might be dangerous for your pet’s health and may cause severe problems rather than helping your pet. So, it is advisable to only give organic hemp to your pets.

4. Only use Zero THC Formulas

Avoid using THC for your pets as they just can’t tolerate even trace amounts. THC has a long half life and will accumulate in the body when taken over a period of time. Just like hemp extract, THC is also one of the most commonly used compounds extracted from hemp but is extremely psychoactive in nature. THC being lipid-soluble can be easily stored in the fatty tissue of the liver, brain, and kidneys before being eliminated from the body of your pet. It enters the body via inhalation or ingestion and binds with the specific neuro-receptors in the brain, disturbing the normal neurotransmitter function.  All animals are very sensitive to THC and not a good idea to give the most common hemp oil that usually contain trace amounts of THC. You can find Zero THC hemp extract oil for your pet here.

5. How to Give Hemp oil to your pet

Hemp is very easily available in the market and comes in the form of pills, oils or even specialty treats. Hemp is mostly found in the form of oil that can be given orally to your dog, but other products like treats, biscuits and capsules also are now easily available.

It is advisable to give your dog or pet hemp in the form of oil. Hemp oil can be easily mixed with the food. The oil form of hemp  allows the hemp content to be absorbed into the body of your pet the best. Never try to give your dog cannabis in the form of smoke.

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