With the increase in demand for hemp due to its health benefits, more and more people are navigating towards it, essentially for hemp extract.

Hemp Extract is the wondrous essence of hemp which belongs to the group of over 85 identified compounds found in it. This super-active plant compound has a number of benefits linked with it. It has benefited almost every age group from children to senior citizens.

CBD For Senior Citizens

The fact that PCR hemp extract is non-psychoactive, thus not responsible for making you high, has brought it into demand for all age groups. It is nearly impossible for an individual to stay away from diseases and body aches at an age of 60 and above. Extract found in hemp has come to the rescue in different forms to address the different needs.

Some advantages of hemp for Senior citizens are as follows –

1. Neuroprotective (Protects the Brain)
It has been found that hemp may help with protecting the brain and brain optimization. It is considered to be “nueroprotective”. With age, humans tend to start losing their memory, hemp oil may help sharpen it and keep the brain protected, happy and healthy.*

2. Helps with joint aches and pains
Chronic pain is the most common problem in the senior age group. Many patients aged above 60 have found relief from hemp for aches and pain. Hemp oil can also be found in a salve or balm form which can be applied topically to the specific areas in need of relief. It has also been found that it may also help reduce inflammation, anxiety and provide deeper sleep which leads to a better quality of life.*

3. Reduction in use of synthetic pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceutical drugs can be good for certain situations but for most, it has some harmful side effects as well. Hemp may be a tool to help balance the body and may lead to less need for synthetic drugs. Although, it is very important to consult with your doctor before making any changes to your prescribed drugs and starting a hemp oil regimen.*

Hemp For Senior Citizens

4. Boosts Digestive System
Hemp has helped many people with bowel issues and has helped boost immune and digestive systems. The immune system is to be found in the gut and it is vitally important to keep the gut healthy. People aged 60 or above usually face problems of increased acidic levels and challenged immunity and thus need to balance the issue internally through their digestive systems.*

5. Good Heart Health
Growth in food industries has changed lifestyles and our health, especially for seniors. The packaged food items contain preservatives among other synthetic elements which are not good for our overall health. The increasing levels of cholesterol in seniors is a topic of attention. Hemp may assist in balancing the body, but it is important for seniors to eat more whole, organic real food and stay away from the packaged foods.*

6. Bone Health
Aging leads to various discomforts related to muscle and bones. Hemp oil may help in maintaining and keeping the bones strong and healthy. It could also be effectively used for lower back pain and joint discomfort. Hemp is becoming the first choice of any senior citizen once they become more educated and trusting of it’s remarkable safety profile.*

7. A Natural Health Solution
As mentioned herein, Hemp can be helpful in numerous ways. Due to its origination which is from the hemp or cannabis plant, the nature element makes it a unique option for the seniors.

With so many benefits associated with it, and the positive impacts, hemp has emerged as the most exciting restorative compounds available today! More and more seniors are looking forward to the daily usage of hemp by adding it to their health regimen and this is doing great for their body and overall wellness. Hemp is being accepted widely and people are coming forward to opt for Hemp oil products as their natural health solution.*

About the Author:

Kathy T. Cooley has been closely studying the cannabis and hemp industry for quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current facts and trends, particularly in medical cannabis and Hemp. Author’s website: https://cannabisowl.com/

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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